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AD-V-8ch Spirit box

Download AD-V-8ch Spirit box android app for Free

AD-V-8ch Randomized Spirit box,

AppyDroid’s final installment of the “AD” Line of spirit box Apps Now releases the final AD-V-8 Legacy, With over 3 years of free ITC Software, AppyDroid has become a successful brand among amateur and professional’s in the ITC Field, And is a clear favorite with new comers wanting a low cost start to begin investigating and research work. We strive to bring the most innovative ideas to make ITC Easy and enjoyable , AppyDroid, Leading the way In ITC Software and development.

This App utilities 8 randomized audio channels, each will pick its own audio clip from 200 800ms clips of audio which were created from the Franken box v3 mods, It also has a experimental Pitch mode by checking the check box it will randomize the pitch of the audio Also, Each channel can be separately controlled or randomized using the Random sweep function which automatically selects each channel’s position, So the audio can be as quiet or as busy as you like giving full control over your session.



Download AD-V-8ch Spirit box.apk cracked version

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Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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