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Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2 android game and Hack for Free

The amazing spider man 2 is a complete 3d Spiderman game which has a excessive portraits apk that is the legitimate game which was released in the year of 2015. This game is a paid android game but you can also able to download for free from our website (bottom page). The awesome Superman 2 is a splendid fighting game that has a advanced operation in the tale of the super spider man 2.

The amazing spider man 2 apk has features as listed below:

  • It is a web-sling, wall climb and a web-shoot as the fast and quick manner,
  • You can able to unlock the different spider man suits like symbiote super man, iron Spiderman and more,
  • The high-quality voice acting and 3d cinematic action are available with this game,
  • You can able to take the fight to the sky with more actions which are packed with a aerial combat,
  • It console like a 3d graphics which offers you a bigger space to play,
  • In addition to above all features, the amazing spiderman 2 has some more extra features for you.

Basic requirements needed to install the amazing spiderman 2:

If you want to install the amazing spiderman 2 game on you device you need the following devices,

  • Memory ram which is capable of 1 GB,
  • Cpu which has a power of 1 GHz and more,
  • And this apk file its tested with the all versions of Samsung mobiles like Samsung s4, s5, s6, s7 and Samsung note 4, note 5.

This game apk is compatible with the below Android versions,

  • Android 3.0/3.1/3.2 or honey comb
  • 4.0 ice which is also known as ice cream sandwich
  • Android 4.1 which or jelly bean
  • 4.4 which is also known as KitKat
  • Android 0 or lollipop
  • Android 6.0 or marshmallow

Infinite XP:

You need to load the raid on oscrp mission, you can proceed via the mission until you can leave the air vents and a cut scene. You can able to stealth for kill at least four enemies and then you can disposed of the final enemy as the desired one.

After you defeating the last enemy, you can pause the game and select the restart option, then you can choose the yes to restart from the last checkpoint which is where you can leave the air vents and repeat this process until you reach the desired suit level. The maximum level is 8.

Costumes as bonus using our Hack

Once you are successfully complete the indicated task unlock the corresponding costume. If you want to change the costumes, you can go to the peter parker’s closet at Aunt May’s home. You can able to open the wardrobe menu to cycle via the available costumes. Here we are listing out the modern costumes of Spiderman,

  • Amazing Spider-man on 2012 is start the main campaign.
  • Amazing Spider-man on 2014 is start the main campaign.
  • Big time to clear one Russian
  • Cosmic Spider-man for the GameStop pre-order bonus.
  • Electro-proof for PlayStation network DLC.
  • Flipside to clear one Russian
  • Hornet to successfully complete all 15 race challenges.
  • Iron Spider armor which is the GameStop pre-order bonus.
  • Noir spider-man for gamestop pre-order bonus.
  • Ricochet to unlocked during story mode progression.
  • Scarlet Spider on 2012 to clear one Russian
  • Spider armor MK is to clear one Russian
  • Spider-carnage for successfully complete the game on any difficulty.
  • Spider-man 2099 to clear one Russian
  • Superior spider-man after successfully complete all 12 combat challenges.
  • Symbiote for GameStop pre-order bonus.
  • Ultimate Spider-man which is known as Miles Morales after successfully complete chapter 6.
  • Vigilante to start the main campaign.

You can able to search the indicated locations to find all 10 black cat journal audio logs to get the trophy which is named as lover trophy. Here one point to note is all the other audio logs are not needed for any trophies in the game and you can be ignored it.

The give of black cats journals can be found while you playing the game. The other five trophies are hidden in the open world. If you are fully upgraded with your spider man, the you can easily sense that they will be highlighted on the mini map when you get close to them.

You can pause the game and select the messages tab to see exactly which longs have been found. On each journal has its own number and allowing you to keep track of which ones are missing.

Easy areas break trophy:

You can shortly after the kingpin of crime mission to begins, in which you will encounter the first armored enemy in the game. You will be given as a short text as a tutorial. Here if you want to disable an enemy’s armor to press the circle repeatedly.

You can do this until all the yellow heavy armor disappears. Then you can attack with a standard web strike to get the area break trophy. Here point to note here is you do not have to kill the enemy with a web-strike.

In addition to this, there are many other trophies available in this game, you can get all of them too.We are also providing a hack for the game.

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

GooglePlay paid version



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