Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

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About the game

Assassins Creed Rebellion is a historic action Android game. It is the first strategy role-playing game to be introduced to the Assassin Creed realm. Players organize a Brotherhood, and they try to gather the best assassins available to their group. After that, they try to infiltrate the stronghold of the Templars. Also, any player who is a fan of the Assassins Creed series will be happy to find famous and familiar characters like Aguilar, Shao Jun, Ezio and so on to engage themselves within this game. New characters will be introduced as the player moves from level to level.


The gameplay of Assassins Creed Rebellion is focused around mechanics of squad strategy that are similar to the X-Com series in style. This team-based strategy gameplay fits in within the purview of the Assassin Creed Series. This game takes place in Spain during the duration of the Spanish Inquisition.

How it all goes down?

A player builds a team of elite and high-class assassins that each have their original and unique skills. Once the team is built, the player tries to complete an objective that has been set by moving through rooms. The player also has the opportunity to choose the assassin preferred for a particular room among the team. Though moving through each room with maneuvers has a percentage of success, a player must try to make it to the end of the room without dying.

Eventually, if the player can make it past some of the starting missions, the player can then start upgrading the base. The ability to build new rooms and make the starting base larger is conferred on the player. Rooms like storage rooms, training rooms, living quarters and treasuries are available, but it is required that a player reaches a certain level for them to be unlocked. To place these facilities in the base, a player will have to acquire and spend in-game currency.

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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