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BK Package Disabler (Android)

Now you don’t want to worry about your phone storage because the super BK package disabler android had made your work easy. By using this application you can able to save the RAM by freeing all the space by disabling them. Through this you can able to save your battery life and improve its performance, all the disabled packages would be marked unavailable with the help of the BK packages. For doing this you don’t want to do anything because one tap is more than enough.
  • You can make use of this application with all the Samsung mobile phones.
  • Through this you can able to easily disable the package list.
  • It is also easy for you to disable the services and click on the service button.
You can able to get the multiple benefits at the same applications. When you want to utilize the facility then you have to install the application in your device only then you can access them.For installing them you have to pay certain some of money only then you can buy and make use of them. It is powerful and once you installed it would take care of your phone all the times and through this you can reduce all your work.To make them to stay active in your device you have to follow the instruction one by one
  • Before installing check your device because it only supports the android version.
  • If it is android then you have to go to the settings and then to the accounts and remove all the accounts which is found there.
  • There you have to enable the android debugging mode in your mobile phone.
  • Meanwhile you have to run the command on your computer terminals.
Once the process gets completed 100% then you have to reboot your phone and then you have to add your account again. Sure after doing that you can stay cool from the worries and start rocking by using this application.If you need then you can set up the multiple mode protectionIf you want to make use of them in the secured manner then there you have to set up the password protection mode. Through this without your permission no one can able to make use of it. With the help of the BK package disabler android you can able to easily enable all the service that you need as well you can disable it. Through this you can also able to filter the application.
  • Then you can able to know the disabled package list.
  • The recent running package list as well as with the recent service list.
  • As well you can also check out your favorite package list.
If you don’t want then you can just uninstall them. For uninstalling the app you can don’t want to carry a long process. Just you can do this simply by going to the select menu and from that you can directly uninstall them.

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

GooglePlay paid version

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