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The bleach brave souls is a slash and hack game which is quite similar to the soul seeker in which the players can use their skills to defeat their enemies. At initial stage you are going to play the game start off with a 2 star ichigo in which currently you can get the characters ranging from 1 to 5 stars where each star level will unlock the special skill that you can use it in your game. The higher star character will have the more skills that they can use and at 3 stars most of the characters will have the access to their special skills. In the game there are normally 3 areas are there in the battle map in which the first 2 areas are used for fighting regular mobs.

If you like to play the BLEACH Brave Souls android mobile game then you can download the apk file from the play store. When you win the battle then you will gain the special soul that allows you to use your characters for special attacks. The following are the some of the things that you can get the bad status effect from the certain enemies and they are.

  • Poison – Damage over time (you will be getting the good boss killing skill)
  • Burn – Damage over time
  • Freeze – This makes you to freeze and make you not to move
  • Confuse – It confuse you to move in the opposite direction
  • Paralyze – It paralyzes your movement.

You can form your own party up to 3 members so that you can also switch members while you are in the battle. In most of the time you will not be facing the difficult problems in playing the game unless if you have the stronger opponent in the battle field.

About the bleach brave soul’s tips and strategy guide

The bleach brave soul is an all new action RPG based on the manga bleach and mega hit anime. In this game you can build a team of your favorite characters from the bleach brave soul’s universe and battle alongside of other players. The following are the tips and tricks strategy guide for winning your opponent team. They are.

  • Dodge roll
  • Get all three stars in the levels
  • Complete the orders in the game level
  • Exploit your enemy’s weakness
  • By using the soul tree you can power p the characters
  • Save your spirit orbs
  • Augment extra characters


Most of these games have the paper, scissors and rock relationships where this game is of no different and the characters can have the 5 main attributes which the player can use it for winning the opponent team. In which the red specifies the power, green for technique, Blue for the speed, purple for the heart and orange for the mind. When the player acquires these powers than by using it the player can defeat the opponent team and win the game.

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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