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Bridge Constructor Portal android is a puzzle video game developed by ClockStone and published by Headup Games. The game is a merging of classic Portal and Bridge Constructor games. The Players are given the task of designing and constructing bridges, ramps, slides and other related structures to get the trucks from one place to another at Aperture Laboratories. As a new employee, the player has to construct these structures in 60 test chambers which should withstand the weight of the trucks, as well as their own weight.

The players have to direct the trucks across the bridges find the way through portals, release the buttons to open doors etc. They should avoid being seen by sentry turrets and also they should not come in contact with deadly fluid or laser fields. They can use the portal devices such as propulsion gel, repulsion gel, aerial faith plates, and cubes to get over the hurdles and reach the destination safely. The players will be able to choose any of the three modes namely construction mode, test mode, and vehicle mode.

In the Bridge Constructor Portal android game after solving a chamber, the player can allow a fleet of vehicles to pass through the same path instead of just one. The bridges built by you will withstand the weight of more vehicles. But sometimes it may be required to build more and stronger bridges. Also, the routes may become more difficult when the vehicles are moving, crossing and interfering with each other. Even though there is no limit for building the required structures, each bridge component used has a monetary value. The player should have the total monetary value as low as possible.

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