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Bridge Constructor

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The Bridge Constructor is android game which will be played using the android mobile phones and any other devices that operates under the Android platform. In this game, the main theme is to protect the bridge that is shown in the device from breaking.And also the player needs to build new bridges to get extra points, on final if the player constructs more number of bridges without breaking any of the bridge, he or she will be declared as a winner of this game. Here point to note is, once the bridge was broken, then he or she will lose the game and they have to play the game as a new one.Even though playing this kind of games will give more interest towards the android mobiles and Android based games, it is difficult play this game as a beginner without having a proper knowledge. Here some people will tend to lose their confidence due to the continuous loss in the game and finally, they hate playing this game.To avoid this kind of situations we will help you to play the Bridge Constructor android game easily by using some simple tips and tricks. If you are a beginner to the Bridge Constructor android game then you should follow this tips to get win in this game, and then you says that you love to play this game.In the Bridge Constructor android game the main part to consider is breaking of bridges while constructing new ones, because this will lead to you to lose in the game, so that if you want to make your bridge is to be stable one, then you should mind that, the bridge will basically consist of triangles in its construction.Because any other shape with many number of sides will lead to bend or collapse the shape of the bridge. In Bridge Builder, it is most effective to keep the triangles as big as possible. So you should stick to triangle nets as the basic elements of your bridge based on the size of the bridge.Another point which is essential to understand this game is, always you need to use the analyze stress option to see that which elements of the bridge are stressed more and which elements of the bridge or stressed less.This will be easily known by the colour indication on your game as,
  • Red colour elements indicated that they are stressed more,
  • Green color elements indicated that they are stressed less.
This will help you to prevent your bridge from brokering. If the bridge breaks, try to reinforce the red parts. But the elements that indicated with a green colour are needed to be removed in your bridge. This is due to the back reason that in any bridge construction all the elements of that bridge will be has a distributed stress so that you need to keep all elements evenly with more level stress.If you want to build a good bridge, then you have tried to distribute the stress evenly on as many beams as possible on your bridge. Normally this can be managed by building the bridges which consist of oval shapes.Here point to note is you should stick to the triangles on your bridges, but you can also go for using the overall shapes to build your bridges.There are loads of bridges in the records and bridges section, and to play this game you not only want to complete the level, you also want to build the cheapest bridges as much as possible 

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