Bubble Witch 2 Saga

Bubble Witch 2 Saga Android Hack

The bubble witch saga 2 is a causal puzzle game where you have to progress through the magical world, by solving a series of the levels in which your goal is to get rid of all the colored bubbles. In order to do this the bubble witch saga 2 users need to pop the bubbles by linking 3 or more same colored bubbles together. When the user pop the extra bubbles as an alternative of fading the full bubbles, then it gives you the more points in your game play and you can acquire more bounce while you playing the game. The bubble witch saga 2 contains the map that looks similar to the candy crush saga. The bubble witch saga 2 is an enjoyable puzzle game with the attractive esthetics. While playing this game it will give you the best fun time for the puzzle game lovers where they can experience the hours and hours of fun.

The following are the some of the tricks for the bubble witch 2 saga. They are.

  • First of all you need to make sure that you are using the new bubble shooter with the precision or not.
  • It can bounce off the edges so you need to hit the right spot.
  • You can switch up the color of the bubbles.
  • On any occasion you will see the bubbles with gnome spellbound inside them and if you explode them then you need to get a help.
  • If you need the precious star Dust then you can visit to other players homes or by completing the quests you can get some more.

The game supports all the devices like PC, tablet and smart phone in which you can download the game application at free of cost. In which if you are using the Android mobile phone and like to play this game then just download the APK file of Bubble Witch 3 Saga android from the play store.

Cheats of the bubble witch saga that you need to know

Bubble witch saga is a popular matching three puzzle game developed by king, the same developer of the popular candy crush saga game. In bubble witch saga the player are assigned with the helping witches ward off dim spirits that try to take away the territory by exploding your way through more than 500 levels. When you use the spells and potions you can pass your harder levels before running out all your lives. The following are the 3 main cheats that helps you in getting the highest score in the game. They are.

  • First you need to get unlimited lives for playing the game which you can achieve it by sending a live request to your Facebook friends.
  • With the help of the wishing precision for free you can avoid playing the tricky bubble witch saga game levels.
  • Before starting to pelt the bubbles just plan the place where you need to pelt the bubble so that you can get more points and score.

When you follow these three cheats you can get more score points and become the highest score ranker in the bubble witch saga game.

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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