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CamToPlan is an exclusive application that is used to measure distances, surfaces, and drawing of plans in seconds. With this app, you can calculate the internal dimensions of any room instantaneously and export your values in PDF, DXF or PNG. CamToPlan gives you the impression that you can become a better builder, architect, decorators, etc.. It helps you solve the problem of kneeling on the ground to take a measurement, cracking of brains on how to calculate the area (in square feet or square meters) and drawing of plans for the construction of the room with all dimensions carefully measured.

Advantages of CamToPlan for Android

  • Easy to use: With this app, you can conveniently use your device to measure objects (such as furniture dimensions, carpet, walls, baseboards and so on). The software has a measuring tape which is held on the screen just like a real measuring tape.
  • Time saver: CamToPlan helps you to take measurements that can consume more than one hour in less than 5 minutes.
  • No in-app ads: Some software can frustrate users experience with different advertisement popping up every minute. CamToPlan app does not support in-app advertisement, thereby making it a more user-friendly application.
  • Accuracy: Although no software is perfect. The app operates efficiently under suitable; the margin of measurement error during this condition (which includes proper lightning, lack of reflection and the texture of the floor) is far less than two percent (2%).

Important things to note

  • While taking a measurement, you can safely move closer to the object for maximum precision.
  • The CamToPlan can only measure horizontal distances on the ground.
  • Don’t stress yourself by changing the position of furniture in the room during measurement. CamToPlan automatically discovers the intersection point between the target point and the floor, even if the target point is behind the furniture. This is what makes it distinct from other software.



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