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About the game

Candy Crush Soda Saga is an Android game which can be installed on various kinds of devices. Candy Crush is an extraordinary puzzle game which was released in 2013. The game, Candy Crush Soda Saga can be considered as a sequel to the original Candy Crush.

In-game Purchases

The game pushes in-app purchases and drives for Facebook integration. There are limited a number of lives some of which will be lost while cracking a difficult challenge. Even though there are free lives, the player will want to purchase resources to move to the next level without any issues.With our hack tool you will be able to generate unlimited lives.The user should be 13 years or above to play the game. If you would like to purchase resources, you should be above 18 years old.

How to play

The player should match three similar candy types so that they will be eliminated from the level and others will be brought into the play. If there is more for four or more, the player will take advantage of one-time power-up. You should achieve several goals to clear a level. For instance, you should let the gummy bear to the top to move to the next level. You will lose the life if the goal is not achieved within those moves. Even though the regeneration of resources will take place, there will be great delay in the process.

Differences between Candy Crush Saga

The game, Candy Crush Soda Saga is little different from the original Candy Crush launched in 2013. However, the mechanics are same. You can go through new blocks which have new power-ups and the level of difficulty is similar to the previous version. The game offers great fun and excitement and there is a little bit of additional factor as well.

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Cyril

    November 20, 2017 at 12:37 pm

    Nice fast download! Perfect!

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