Castle Burn – RTS Revolution

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Castle Burn – RTS Revolution is a real-time strategy PvP combat game that involves ogres, goblins, dwarves, dragons, and also humans.

Players have to build camps that increase capacity which in turn increases the number of units that they deploy in the field.

Players also have to build mana sanctums that generate mana, the official currency of the game. Mana allows players to select units and deploy them in battles.


Units are cards that come in tiers; once a player has two tier 1 unit, their castle will upgrade to tier 2. A tier 2 castle will allow players to deploy stronger units and also upgrade the characters.

Once units are ready, players can use them to attack their opponent. At the same time, they also have to defend themselves from their enemies.

Players will have to utilize Tower cards for construction towers that will help them defend against incoming attacks.


  1. Leon

Decreases the damage he and his nearby allies take when in battle.

  1. Nalyn, Envoy of the Forest

Deploys a special sapling in a specific area that can target enemies.

  1. Merham

Summons meteors that can bring substantial damage to a target area.

  1. Jeanne

Increases her movement and speed for a specific time for offense.

  1. Osborne, the Black Bear

Has a shield that provokes enemies to attack him without taking much damage.

  1. Lana, Princess of Hope

Restore health of nearby allies for a limited period.

  1. Aella

Shoots arrows at exceptional speeds.

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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