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Enlight PhotoFox Android is a significant update to the Enlight app. You can download it for Android from our website. This app is a photo shooting and editing mobile app that delivers a vast and versatile variety of special effects tools, corrections, and workflows. It includes collage and painterly capabilities that are sophisticated and that are designed to transform images into what can be described as works of art.

To be technical, PhotoFox for Android is an update to the original Enlight app. However, it appears different. It feels and looks more like a standalone app that targets an audience that is of pro level. Primarily, PhotoFox is a tool for photo editing, but the capabilities of the software are above the notch. Creative compositing with focus on blending images, layering and special effects are emphasized. In fact, a user of this app can combine up to five layers, and this is unlike the original app that allows for only two layers. This app comes with several different tools. These tools include tonal adjustments, presets, brushes, and effects that will enable users to alter captured moments to the desired perfection.

Features of the App

• Adjusting of transparency, blending modes and changing the perspective of images
• Superior and unique mixing of photos
• Cutting and pasting of pictures
• Creation of professionally looking posts for social media and flyers for businesses
• Removal of blemishes
• Auto-saving of photo sessions
• Controlling and adjusting grain, color, tonality, vignette, structure, fade, intensity.
• Application of superb gradients alongside duo filters
• High depth support for top-notch tonal adjustments
• Combination of photos and re-editing of layers.

In conclusion, Enlight PhotoFox for Android is a very cool Photo App. Try it now for free!


Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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