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Twitter is one of the top-rated social media platforms in the world now with over millions of users actively involved in one event or another every day. Quite some Twitter users found it difficult to have a good Twitter experience using the Twitter website due to some reasons like congestion on the website, poor internet connection to the twitter server and some other reasons well known to them. Flucefor Twitter has made it convenient for Android users to have a good experience from the comfort of their home.

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The fluce app gives you the privilege to set up your Twitter-client account in a way that suits your style. You choose the style or costume you want for your page. Do you prefer hearts to star? Round profile picture to squared profile picture? Which color do you like? All is left for you to decide.

Features that brings the great twitter moment

  • Timeline: With this feature, you can follow all the activities performed by followers or events happening on Twitter through your timeline.
  • Notifications: You get instant notification from Twitter on any event that occurs on your account. You will be notified when users follow you, send you messages, commented on your tweet, liked or retweeted your tweet.
  • Direct messages: You can quickly initiate a conversation with another Twitter user by sending direct messages to them.
  • Unfollower dashboard: Unlike the Twitter website where you find it challenging to keep track of members you are following but not following you back, Fluce help you keep track of this, and you can decide to unfollow those members if you like.
  • GIF Support: Fluce provides support for custom timeline and GIFs (powered by Giphy).


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