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Fun with Horror Games

The market of horror games on any platform is pretty saturated. There was a time when Silent Hill 2 was so popular; companies were making cheap knockoffs of the game one after the other with hopes to cash in on the on-going trend. Now there are plenty of genuinely good horror games out there.

However, if you are looking for something with a bit less quality but one that is nevertheless fun enough, you may want to check out Granny Android. In short, it is a first-person horror game with elements of puzzle solving and running/hiding from enemies.

Game Aesthetics

Keep in mind that Granny Android is not exactly a top-tier game with extremely high production values. It is meant to be emulating the sensation of being chased and being hunted down as much as possible. That is why the graphics in this game, while not too flashy are good enough to convey that idea of creepiness and tension.

It runs fairly well too, it’s decently optimized and even outdated hardware seems to have no problem running it. It is a budget horror game, to put at best and one that you can play anywhere on your phone.

Overall Gameplay

As mentioned before, this game is in the first person and you basically start off in a house, locked from all sides. Your objective is to run away from the place within 5 days. Either that, you have chased around and killed by what seems to be the ghost of someone’s grandmother equipped with a baseball bat. Thus, the game’s title.

You basically have to run around the house, looking for clues, investigating what you find and try to solve some intricate puzzle that will allow you in your quest to run away. All of this, while being chased around by the granny, who is trying to murder you! Granny Android sure loves to put stress on its players.

While this may seem simplistic enough, it is definitely quite a challenge balancing both of these aspects simultaneously. The game is deceptively difficult without feeling too unfair overall. You may need to brainstorm quite a bit to get to the end.

Final Verdict

Well, Granny Android is no Silent Hill but it does manage to grasp that aspect of horror pretty well. You will find yourself taken aback by some of the jumps scares in the game. In the end, if horror games are your thing, and you have some free time, you may consider downloading this in your phone.

Granny Android Hack
Download Granny Android Hack

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