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Tired of constantly looking at your Facebook feed every ten minutes? Need some instant entertainment? Helix Jump is what might be the answer to that. This very popular Android game was developed by Voodoo and h8games, two game development studios that are well-known only for hit games. By any standards, HelixJump is a smashing hit. We are giving you a very cool hack for the game.

Helix Jump Hack Features

With our Helix Jump Hack app, all the level are unlocked. There will be no ads in the game. You don’t need to root your device in order to run the app. It is very safe to use as it automatically updates.

The gameplay

This game of skill starts with a bouncing ball and you navigating it through a moving vertical labyrinth. The objective is to reach to the bottom without hitting the red areas. The first few levels are more like an introduction and pretty easy to handle. However, once you are passed them starts the real fun as a more complex obstacle will occur on your way to the bottom, and your skills will constantly be tested.

Once you get used to some of the levels, you will be hit with exploding pieces that can make you fall back a level. All that while you try to finish as fast as possible and earn some extra points. And if you want to make even more points along the way, you can try to complete the levels without touching any of the sides of the labyrinth.

Main features

  • Easy To Learn Controls (one tap)
  • Great Visual Effects
  • Addictive Gameplay mechanics

The downside

The only downside is that there is no music in the background. But, it is to be expected they will fix that with some of its upcoming updates. At the same time, that means you can run your music in the background while playing, which can be pretty convenient.


One hundred million strong have already downloaded HelixJump and enjoy it. And from the available data, it is a community that is continuously growing. All in all, it is a game worth giving a chance.

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

Download from GooglePlay

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