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Hidden folks is one of the funniest and prettiest games and its game play is damn good. Actually, the hidden folks android game is one of the Google releases that have featured with touch screen, hand drawn art and fantastic interactions. In order to celebrate your holidays, this Android release is a good entertainment option that makes you enjoy each and every moment of this game definitely. If you are new to this game, there is an original trailer of this game available on the internet. If you are an android alone user, this hidden folks are now lively available on Google Play, so you can enjoy using it.

This game is very fun, simpler and easy to play by just finding everything on your own. Even some of the things are really tricky on this game, so you can ease the frustration. To find these things, there are some lists of directions and hints available to go through. There is a huge hint available on first page and screen shots are available on second page. If you wish to know perfectly how to determine something, you just skip to the third page with the walkthrough videos. However, all these hints are very particular and not quite helpful enough.

Amazing features of hidden folks game

Below are the lists of excellent features of hidden folks game that include:

  • 1400 plus excellent sound effects
  • 280 plus innovative interactions
  • 190 plus targets to determine
  • 100 plus iMessage stickers for iOS only
  • 22 languages
  • 20 plus hand drawn areas
  • 8 steam trading cards
  • Cloud sync on all Android, iOS and steam

Tips to hidden folks android game

If you are a gaming enthusiast and want to know to play hidden folks android game, here are a few tips to be followed that include:

In this game, each scene is very lucrative. You should also remember to see everything on this game. Before that, you could click on certain things and very soon you will be able to swipe to move the specific objects.

Before you start playing this game, you just want to take a closer look at all the descriptions of every item or character you want to determine. There are some clues available where to find them. In many cases, these clues should be good enough.

When you play this game, you just listen to the music as you scroll a page. Particularly, you can hear the things such as vultures in big scenes like desert, when you get close to those scenes. To find many things, you can use your ears and eyes that help you so much.

If you have stuck on any items and don’t have enough move to the next area, you just take a little break and then to do so. Usually, many of the scenes in hidden folks game have some tricks, which are not be very easy to find, so you just take your time!


Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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