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Kick the Buddy Android Hack

Download Kick The Buddy android game Hack for Free

Kick the buddy for Android is one of those super easy games that get you entertained while making zero efforts on your side. In a way, it is like a stress relief pill without any side effects so ever.

There are over 750.000 people that downloaded the game and are enjoying it. Whether you are angry with your boss or want to smash all around you, Kick The Buddy can help you blow some steam without being fired or getting in trouble with the police.

Kick The Buddy Hack freatures

With our Kick The Buddy hack app you can get Unlimited Bucks and Gold on your game account. The app is very easy to install and to use. Just install the .apk file from the button below and follow the instructions inside the app. You don’t need to root your device in order to use it. It is very safe to use.


Kick The Buddy is not just about kicking, but much more than that. Yes, you can kick, but you can also explode, shoot, smash, burn, freeze, brake, and much, much more. On top of it, you have rifles, cannons, grenades, rockets, tanks at your disposal. You can even use a nuclear bomb to kick the ass of a smiling rag doll.

Why is it so popular?

At first, you might think, what the deal is with so many people falling for it. But once you start playing you will begin to understand why it is so. Even if you are at work, just a few minutes of playing can turn a lousy day into a bearable one.

What’s up with the rag doll?

That little smiling rag doll has grown close to heart to every player. It is so popular that we see it printed on t-shirts and coffee mugs. What’s more interesting about it is that its movements follow the laws of physics which make things even more fun.

Who’s this game for?

The game is for everyone that seeks an easy way to get entertained without using too much of brain power. Want to give your brain a breather – download Kick The Buddy android.

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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