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Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

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When it comes to racing simulators, there aren’t many of them in the Android gaming department. Enter Motorsport Manager Mobile 3, the third entry in the Motorsport Manager franchise. While the previous entry seemed far too similar to the first game, this one tries to overhaul it completely.

The Thrill of Management

The main drive behind racing simulators such as these is to know how it feels like being the driving force behind the actual racers. And boy does it do a good job! Unlike previous games, you start at the bottom and try to work your way to the top.This provides a sense of immersion and progress to Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 unlike any of the previous titles. You will be required to pick your team members and basically manage an entire racing crew with a limited budget. All the choices you make are reflected on the racing track and when that glorious 1st place finish comes; you cannot help but feel a sense of accomplishment.

Varied Gameplay Features

Another thing that allows Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 to stand out from its predecessors is that there is more variety in the options available for you. There are now even more things to do simultaneously, but that is also what makes succeeding at it tremendously rewarding. For instance, you have to:
  • Maintain relations between your drivers and mechanics
  • Initiate supply chains for parts
  • Start work on the car you use next year beforehand
  • Managing different sponsors
  • Upgrading your HQ to facilitate other upgrades
These are just some aspects of the game that you will be facing. There are plenty of other micromanagement options available, all of which help you make a difference and make you feel like you are contributing towards the team, thus making this simulator feel organic.

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