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It sometimes seems strange that there are not many rhythm game mashups available at the Play Store for Android devices. These two genres fit really well together. One such game that is now available on the App Store is Muse Dash. This is a new rhythm and music game that gives an appearance of a runner at first glance. The game involves controlling an anime character of the game with a sick outfit and a guitar. You have to tap the rhythm as you bash, smash and dodge your way across each stage of the game, avoiding any obstacle and fighting all enemies.

Muse Dash game features simple controls, with you having to tap at one side of the screen to dodge the obstacles and attack your airborne enemies or tap the other side of the screen to attack the enemies on the ground. It does not have any attack or jump button. It has two circles that hover in front of you and you have to tap the left one to swing at the top and the right one to swing at the bottom circle. There is another combination of buttons on the screen that let you do a lot of things.


Featuring simple controls and colorful graphics, Muse Dash by PeroPero stands out among other music games and runners for android devices. The visual effects are amazing for this game. It has a very fashionable and unique art design. The game features different music styles that are matched to different scenes, bosses and enemies. On top of the playlist, you will find multiple un-lockable pets, beauties, and other characters. Muse Dash has 30 tracks with a pop feel to them.

Like all other rhythm games, this game’s timing will impact your score. If you miss a lot of chances then your game will be over. If you are looking for a challenging experience in a game, then Muse Dash has various difficulty levels that give you a tough time and this will lead your fingers to maniacally dance over the screen. This will be a real test, during the difficulty levels of the game, of your hand-eye coordination. You may decide to tweak this game’s audio synchronization so as to make sure that the music timing is perfect.

Muse Dash is an amazing game to play during your free time. It is a classic hit enemy game along with being a rhythm game. It has amazing, cool characters with different costumes, seamless combination of rhythm and runner genres, vibrant graphics, great animation, catchy soundtrack, and runs really smooth on most of the android devices. If you are looking for a fun game, then it is definitely worth playing.

The only problem with the game is the ratio bug and the screen filter issue that cuts off the game score screen on certain Android devices. Other than this, Muse Dash is a must-try game with a lot of fun to it.

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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