Night of The Full Moon

Night of the Full Moon Android Free Download

Soulgame Information Co. Limited created this game, and it can easily be installed on the android devices of interested players. The game plays out in a story like a form. The theme story pays tribute to the Grimm Tales. It was mainly adapted from the history of the Little Red Riding Hood. The player takes on the role of the character of Red. The game starts when Red herself discovers that her grandmother has disappeared to the dark forest and she decides to follow in pursuit.

Red’s skills

This is a role-playing game, and the player tends to become so involved with the game, so there are no dull moments. The character of Red that the player takes on has some juice. It enables her to go through the dark forest, and they also come in personalities.

In total, there is a collection of 300 cards. They are divided into four distinct classes of cards. For each class of card that the player picks for Red, there is a different deck of cards with various attacks and abilities. The player can become a nun with healing abilities, a witch with spelling abilities, a ranger with a bow and quick shooting reflexes or a knight with a sword.

Furthermore, the dynamic nature of this game is partly due to the mystery surrounding the 72 opponents that a player has to face and it is about the choices made in the game that determines the outcome.


The Night of the Full Moon Game was translated into English from Chinese. So it has its text and audio in both localized Chinese and English. This heightens the audio-visual experience of the player of this game.


This game is availabe only for android devices. It is fully premium, so a player gets access to all the cards and classes for the upfront price. A player can easily install it on the device for maximum enjoyment

How to install?

You can visit the Play Store and download the game after playing a small amount of money, as it’s a premium game. Or you can just download it from our website, from the button below.

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

GooglePlay Paid Version

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