The PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS android game is known as the best battleground survival shooter game. Each match of this game will take more than 40 players and puts all of them on a deserted island.

At the beginning of this game, all players are allotted with a parachute onto the island complete with an empty-handed. All the players are spread around the island unarmed and they must find the weapons and they need to use them to kill the opponents.

When the time passes the island’s safe zone gets smaller and smaller; it has also certain areas which will be bombarded. The player with his team will get their match rank in the order of their elimination.

The safe zone changes randomly in each match by providing the players with a fresher and more intense experience on each time. The player has to remember to find a weapon and supplies those weapons as much as fast they can. They need to move to the island’s safe zone as soon as possible.

There are many new things added in this version of survival game which are listed below:

The game comes with several available vehicles such as buggy,UAZ, motorcycle, van and more.

This game comes with an added tactical aim equipment and it can be purchased from the combat strategy store.  Using a tactical gas mask equipment will reduce the gas poison damage.

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS android game comes with an added free coin as one of the features. You can able to view ads via the lobby and receive the gold coins. This game has optimized scenery and an added light with shadows effects.

While you go for installing this game when you open the emulator the player will see a menu which they can use to install all the compatible games. We are the only website to download this game for android. It took our team over 6 months to develop this game for android. We are giving it for free at the given download button. We are also providing a hack for the game. Feel free to try it and share your opinion.

Once you finished your downloading process you need to follow the step by step actions to install this game on your device.



Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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