Samorost 3

Samorost 3 Android Free Download

Samorost 3 android game was designed and published by Amanita Design.This game is sequential of the successful predecessors Samorost and Samorost 2. In this game point-and-click approach is used which is different from other games. The games created by this company are different stories and are very interesting to play, which creates the high degree of curiosity among the players.

Samorost 3 is about a troll, gnome, who is living on a planet. One day the gnome found a flute near his house and he liked to know where it has come from, so he decided to visit nearby planets. He asked the engineer on his home planet to build a spaceship for him to travel to other planets. As he visited many planets and saw many different creatures with certain problems; he solved those problems using the flute. Also, he gathered much information about the flute.

One day, he came to know about the flute from two illustrated books on some other planet. He learnt that the flute belongs to monks on a planet, and also he read about a large orange octopus that destroys and eats the whole planet and the monk’s work is to control it. He also found that out of the four monks, one of them became evil with the help of his flute. Now gnome decides to help the other three monks.

Gnome finds the evil monk and he enters his place secretly. He steals back the orb from the evil monk and destroys the dragon of the evil monk and gets back the flute from him. Finally, he makes the other monks happy and theypresented a gift to him using which he can visit any planets instantly.

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