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Smashing Four Android Game Hack

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Smashing Four is one of the best android strategy games developed by Geewa. You can play Player vs. Player multiplayer set up where you can achieve honor and glory by becoming the winner of the brutal battles.


Before starting the game, you can study and learn the game through the tutorials. After coming to terms with the intricacies of the game, you have to start building your Smashing Four squad. Then go for the fight against the opponents as it is a group battling and strategy game.

You go all out to win the battles, gather as many rewards as possible, go for upgrading your squad winners and, bring out their powerful abilities. It will turn the battlefield upside down, and you will go on smashing the opponents who will crumble down to pieces.

To go further deep into the game, you have to line up on the battlefield against the opponent. You will be given four pieces each, and you have to drag and release your parts in a catapult style. You aim and go for maximizing the damage by direct hits against the opponent to hit them to reduce their life bars. But you have to do this before your opponent hits you and cut your life bars.

When the opponent’s turn comes to hit you, you have to plan your strategies to defend your squad in such a way that it is harder for your opponent to smash you. You can advance to higher levels of fighting arenas with new challenging battlefields. You can add new heroes to your squad and go for the best strategy to win the battles ahead.

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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