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Surgeon Simulator Android Free Download

Google Play has provided 4.2-star ratings for this game. Many people give positive comments for the simulation work done for this game. The game required the android version of 4.0 and above. The game was awarded Mobile Entertainment Award 2014 for its Design: and nominated for BAFTA 2014 and Develop 2013 Awards.

Surgeon Simulator android game can be played using both mouse and keyboard. While using a mouse, the right button of the mouse is used to rotate the hand by dragging the mouse. With the help of left button available in the mouse, the player can lower his hands by dragging. While using the keyboard, the buttons lettered A, W, E, R and the spacebar are used to move, rotate and lower the player’s hand. In this game, the player will do his surgery in the ambulance where it was moving. Since the ambulance was moving the equipment were floating in the air.

The name of the victim will be Bob, an unlucky patient on whom the operation will be performed.There will be insufficient space and facility inside the ambulance to perform and continue the operation. Without any facility, the player will make the doctor perform heart surgery to Bob. When Bob is in an ambulance with the doctor, the player’s hands are shaking before starting the operation as Bob was his first person to be operated upon. The player not only performs heart operation, he will perform the operation in all parts of the body such as teeth, kidney, intestines, and other parts. Poor Bob!

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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