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The long wait is over as Suzy Cube for Android is now here, living up to the expectations of its players. NorthernBytes as its developer and Noodlecake as its publisher have created amazing graphics that is fun and exciting. The 3D control on mobile feels like a dream. Suzy Cube’s platform and camera work quite similar to that of games like Super Mario 3D which uses a camera that moves only when at times in the level, the perspective of the player needs to change. The kind of camera work this game offers gives a more realistic feel to its players than many other similar 3D games.

The game comes with exciting features like:

  • It is simple and has tight controls over the character in the game.
  • Unique and over 40 levels to win over.
  • Power-ups and many other things to discover with moving on to each level.

Several power-ups

Suzy Cube’s power-ups are unique and a lot more fun than many other similar games. These power-ups let you do amazing things like flying around and discover hidden secrets within the game. If you face any damage on the way, you tend to lose your power-up which makes it even more adventurous and the risk is worth taking when you reveal secrets one by one using these power-ups and earn points.

Beautiful animation

The character, Suzy Cube, is pretty simple but the overall animation of this game is outstanding which gives the character a strong personality. Everything within the game is mostly cubic, but they hold a lot of potentials which makes them look like a living part of the world within the game. Using tricks and different techniques to defeat the enemies each time makes it all the more interesting.


Suzy Cube is not a game one can stop playing. It grabs the attention and with each level, your interest in this game is bound to grow. Any gamer would love to spend time playing this game with excellent 3D graphics and animation.

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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