Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds

Tasty Planet Back for Seconds Android Free Download

Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds android is an action game developed and published by Dingo Games.

The game, Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds is about the growth of a tiny ball sized “Grey Goo.”  It has the ability to eat anything found on the earth which is smaller in size than itself. When the Goo eats more, the size becomes bigger and ultimately one day it will eat up the entire planet. The game has two modes namely casual mode and the full game mode. In the casual mode, the players need not bother about the time and play leisurely. But the full game mode has the timer and the player has to complete the game in time and complete the current level. The game can be played in single player or two player modes.

In the beginning, the goo eats a time machine which makes him go back in time. Now you travel in six different time periods namely Modern, Late Cretaceous, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Feudal Japan, and Distant Future. Each time the goo travels to a new time period, it comes back to the small size. In the late Cretaceous period, it eats plants and animals, in Egypt it consumes snakes, mummies, cats people, buildings and pyramids, in Ancient Rome it eats up people, buildings and demolishes the entire city, in Feudal Japan it swallows rice, ninjas, buildings, and Godzilla and finally in the future it consumes future technology, people, cars, and destroys the tanks and the city.Next, the goo goes into space, eats the moon, planets, stars, galaxies and finally the sun itself.

Each level gets completed when the Grey Goo reaches the required size or it has consumed the set number of items. The players can achieve medals for completing the level within certain time limit.

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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