Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 Android Free Download

A game with interesting fiction and modes

Team Fortress 2, a multiplayer video game, is a Valve corporation product. It is based on the first person shooter concept. The game is available to many platforms and now you can play it on Android.

About Team Fortress 2 android gameplay

The gameplay of the game is quite similar to the previous ones in the series. It focuses on 2 opponent teams competing against each other in a combat. The game has a story in which 2 feuding brothers hire mercenaries to protect and build the company assets of one and destroy the company assets of another. The teams have the names of the companies RED and BLU.

Also, there is a choice of nine classes of characters in these two teams. Each character has got some unique strength, weapon, and weakness. An introductory video at the beginning of every level directs how to complete it. There are detailed statistics for individual players; like time spent in playing as a particular class, highest scored points, most captures in a single life, etc.

There are numerous achievements featured in the game like highest no. of kills and completion of a task in a specific duration.

Interesting modes

There are many interesting modes in Team fortress 2 android game, like ‘capture the flag’ in which the RED and BLU teams compete and battle to steal intelligence of one another. Another game mode is ‘control points’ which is all about collecting all the control points laid on the map in fixed duration in order to win. ‘Payload’ is an interesting mode in which BLU team has the objective of pushing a cart having a bomb and RED team is supposed to capture them at their checkpoints.

There are several other alternate modes, adding to the interest of gamers. The game has good visual effects too.

In conclusion, Team Fortress 2 for Android is worth playing. Download it now from the button below and Enjoy playing it with your friends!

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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