Toon Blast MOD APK (Unlimited Coins Boosters)

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The world in toon blast is full of crazy cartoon characters which start from Cooper cat, Wally Wolf, Bruno Bear. These characters take your much mature mind to take a dip into the fervent puerility.

We have developed the latest Toon Blast Mod Apk for the game. You can download it for free from our website. With our mod, you will get Unlimited Coins, Unlimted Boosters, and Infinite Lives on your game account. You will also be able to Unlock All Levels and All Boosters.

Toon Blast Mod Apk File Information:

App NameToon Blast Mod
Root Required?No
Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Boosters
Infinite Lives
Unlock All Boosters
Unlock All Levels

Toon Blast Hack Mod Apk Features:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Boosters
  • Infinite Lives
  • Unlock All Levels
  • Unlock All Boosters
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • Toon Blast Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root your Android device!

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Unlimited Coins in Toon Blast MOD Apk

In order to get lives, moves and more items, you need coins. So coins are the main currency in Toon Blast Android game. Ways to obtain coins vary from levelling up, opening chests and giving lives to your friends to buying them with real money from the game’s shop. You can take the daily bonus for some extra coins also. These methods could get you a small amount of coins resources.

With this Toon Blast MOD Apk, you can have unlimited coins. It means you will no longer be needed to save coins only for important items. You will have coins for everything. You will be able to visit the shop and purchase all the upgrades and the items. You can beat anyone in Toon Blast.

Unlimited Boosters

Combos are the best in Toon Blast. You can easily clear the colour blocks with the help of boosters. With only 2 disco balls you can clear it with one move. With the Toon Blast mod apk, you will get unlimited boosters. It includes the disco balls and others shown below.

Boosters are very important because the main point of the game is to solve the puzzles by blasting cubes. To pass levels you need combos to help you through. You can combine even the boosters in order to obtain a more powerful effect on the board.

The most powerful booster is the rocket. It can be combined with another rocket, a bomb or a disco ball. If you combine a bomb booster with a rocket booster it will remove 3 x 3 rows and columns. Because the boosters are very rare to come by, they are important to keep and only use them if is necessary.

Well, with this new Toon Blast Mod Apk you can have unlimited resources of boosters. You can use them all the time and combine them as you want. Have fun in discovering new ways of playing Toon Blast.

Unlock All Boosters

Having unlimited boosters is a great thing. But, you can’t have all the boosters unless you unlock them. However, with the Toon Blast hack apk, you can get all the boosters this game has to offer. You don’t have to buy them with real money.

You can keep your money safe and still have access to all the features. Boosters like Rockets, Bombs, Disco Balls, Ballons, Ducks, Bubbles, Crates, Lightbulbs, Anvils, Hammers, Dices, Boxing Gloves, etc.

A list of a few Boosters you will get access to with our Toon Blast Mod Apk:

Boxing GlovesRocket
BubbleSpecial Disco Ball Combination
DiceThe Anvil
Disco Ball

Infinite Lives

Levelling up is a must in Toon Blast Android game. However, for this you need lives. Lives are quickly running out. You need 5 lives as you start playing the game for the first time. There are already a few things you can do to keep the lives at maximum: joining a team, using 100 coins, by opening a Star Chest or a Toon Chest, or by waiting 20 minutes for one life.

All these methods are time-consuming. If you don’t wanna buy lives with real money try the Toon Blast mod apk. Infinite lives in your game will give you confidence in playing for fun with really no risk. You can’t lose lives if you fail in completing a level.

Unlock All Levels with Toon Blast Mod Apk

Playing Toon Blast is really addictive. You can set to play a few minutes a day and really quickly go to hours. Although it has great features and you can have unlimited resources to help your gameplay, you still have to unlock levels one by one. Each level has its own difficulty. Reaching a high level gives you more opportunities and items, prizes.

There’s one solution though if you don’t wanna wait and play it step by step which takes a long time. You can download Toon Blast Mod Apk and have all the 950 levels unlocked.

You can jump from level 1 or 2 to the level 300 and 400 then to level 950. Nothing is forbidden now or locked. You can have access to all the features and you can finish the game in a really quick time.

About Toon Blast

You might well be curious about solving jigsaw puzzles. Also, you had been a cartoon lover. You had all your life watching all sorts of the cartoon while others were busy seeing mature contents. The cartoon is an inevitable part of a man’s life. Everybody watches cartoon at their tender age. This makes the game Toon Blast a fantastic game which you can enjoy.

Solving puzzles is very interesting and when it is the part of the game and when there are some cartoon characters, it becomes more arousing.

Thus do not wait but take very less time and play the game for which you had been waiting. This game takes you into the life where you will get some sort of peace and involvement in activities which are a part of a child’s deed.

You can download the Toon Blast game from Google Play for free.

How to play Toon Blast APK?

The creators of toy blast have come up with this new game with more developed features within Toon Blast. You have to unlock the challenging levels that are through solving puzzles. Yes, blasting is a part of the game, you have to blast cubes and just like a pro the requirement of the game is to take out similarities and create strong and justified combinations that would help you to unlock the progressive challenges.

Solving puzzles is basic of the game Toon Blast apk where you have these cartoon characters as the team which would be the instruments of the game. You just have to unlock a certain episode with the help of them.

There are certain boosters like nitro in racing games which would make you unlock these levels faster. These boosters are that you must really wait for and quickly complete the levels. The collection of different stars is unique to gaming insights. These stars are good for making rewards. The rewards are that you might wait for unravelling the frontiers of the game Toon Blast.

You will unlock all the boosters available in the game with our Toon Blast mod apk.

You might believe in teamwork and played various types of games in school and colleges. You might like to make teams and play all outdoor games. The outdoor games give you enough opportunity to work as a team and enjoy the bliss of the game too. Here you have the chance of making teams and winning all the levels in the game Toon Blast.

The more you can do is get lives from your teammates and play the game continuously. It is a game that you can play at every step and enjoy the bliss of it at every step. This is a fun game where you can enjoy every moment of levels with your self-made team of cartoon characters.

The cartoon characters are excellent and it takes away you from the world of science to the world of cartoons. So you must not wait for anything but take this game on your phone and plunge into the depths of time.

What does this Toon Blast Hack help me with?

Toon Blast is a Candy Crush lookalike game. But as a fact, it is much more interesting and better than Candy Crush in its own way.

You can do a lot in this game but you need resources or real money to have access to the cool stuff. So, this Toon Blast hack helps you with pretty everything.

Resources such as coins are unlimited, boosters are unlocked and unlimited to give you the possibility of completing levels easier. You will have even the levels unlocked until the last level.

Lives are unlimited. You can keep the bar to full all the time. You can play with fun and no risk.

The Toon Blast mod apk is free to download, easy to install. It has already the features integrated and your resources will automatically be added to your account.

It has no virus or any harmful malware. It is 100% safe and clean.

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How to download and install Toon Blast Mod on Android

The apk file is very easy to install:

  1. Just click the download button below
  2. Wait until the file is downloaded then open it
  3. Install the Toon Blast Mod Apk file on your Android device
  4. Follow the instructions inside
  5. Start and Enjoy the Mod

Make sure you checked the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

So, play the game using our Toon Blast Hack Mod for a better gaming experience!

Download Toon Blast MOD APK

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