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Ultimate Fox Simulator Android Free Download


Ultimate fox stimulator is an amazing game which has the main concept of the player is to search the food for three foxes present in the game. So like this kind of game, you will be good to play as a kid.

The task of the player:

The main task of the player is to search the food for the works so that he should go for the different place so that he might deserve his life.

How and where to search food:

You have to search the food in filed of agricultural plenty filed for the three players so that they will be searching for berry, goats, flesh, nonveg items and more.

The goal of the player:

Ultimate fox simulator should keep his fox the healthy. It has to keep his fox service without, hungry and thirsty. And also he should give energetic food to the three fox their life so that they might grow well.

In this game name of the three fox are listed as artic which is life in a village, fenne which is life in the desert and the red fox which is lived in the beautiful forest. Every one of this fox is present in different stages of this game.

Please check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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